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Out of the Ashes

By reading this book you can follow Arman to the grimy criminal underworld that hides beneath glamorous nightclubs and fast cars and learn what it means to feel alone even when you’re surrounded by people you thought were your friends.

Arman's story shows how mentally strong each of us can be and how determination and desire to change can empower a single man caught into a trap to overcome addiction and fight for a happier, healthier future.


In his new book, Arman Vestad tells his story in full for the very first time.

Arman Vestad’s life has been brutal and devastating. Against all odds, he has overcome challenges and made a future for himself.

Arman had a difficult relationship with his father, and at one point he cut out all contact with his family. He became notorious after supplying the weapons for a horrendous triple homicide in Norway. A drug supplier, addict, frequent felon and hopelessly in debt, he felt he had nothing left to live for.

After multiple spells in prison, someone saw the human behind the outcast, reached out and showed him that there was another way. Slowly, he began rebuilding his life. His experience proved invaluable for other people battling against life’s struggles, and he became a debt advisor for the Norwegian social services.Today, he uses his experience to inspire people to open up, ask for help, and realise that nobody can do it all alone.

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  • Finansiell Helse

    “A captivating story about the life of a criminal on the edge”

    One of Norway's best crime writers

  • Finansiell Helse

    “Arman’s story is incredible! Few people have been through such difficult times, and fewer still can turn their experiences into lessons we can all benefit from.”


  • Finansiell Helse

    “Arman doesn’t dilute his story. He talks openly about his choices and their dramatic consequences, showing everyone how his extreme and moving story has a message for us all. ”

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